2-8 Players

60 minutes

Difficulty: 5/5

William and Evanora Buckley lived a humble life outside of the small town of Gloryfalls. William was the town’s apothecary. Evanora was mild-mannered, with a mysterious past that she desperately tried to keep secret. One day a horrible illness plagued this small town. People were desperate for answers and some began suspecting Evanora due to her quiet, mysterious nature. They finally uncovered her Wiccan past and were convinced she was behind it all and had somehow bewitched William.

They finally uncovered her past and were convinced she was behind it all and had somehow bewitched William. Believing William to be away, they came upon the house and began to set it ablaze. Unbeknownst to them, William sent Evanora out to gather flowers for a batch of medicine he was preparing. William perished in the blaze and Evanora watched in horror as her life became ash. She fled into the darkness of the woods fearful and heartbroken, never seen or heard from again.

Many, many years later, Gloryfalls is once again plagued with illness. Evanora was presumed dead, but what if she survived? Evanora would surely be looking to avenge the death of her beloved, William. There’s no revenge quite like that of a woman scorned. It will take brave souls to save this town from the wrath of Evanora. Gloryfalls is depending on you!


    • This room may require a certain amount of physical activity, such as bending and ducking (low head room), but can be bypassed upon request.
    • Children under the age of 14, require a paid adult in the room at all times.

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