Operation Saving Christmas

2-4 Players

60 minutes

Difficulty: 4/5

Last year, after delivering toys to Collin’s house, Santa dropped his magic sleigh bells by mistake. It’s taken him all year to track down the bells. As one of Santa’s biggest fans, he’s hid them away for safe keeping, as he awaits Santa’s arrival on Christmas Eve! As some of the most seasoned elves, you are on a mission from Santa to locate the magic sleigh bells! You have only 1 hour until Collin gets back from his playdate…don’t blow your cover! Santa needs his magic sleigh bells to start his journey on Christmas Eve. He’s counting on you to save Christmas!

Please Note: Operation Saving Christmas is the perfect family escape game! It’s also a great introduction to escape rooms. It was designed with children in mind, so bring the kids! If you are a kid at heart, you’ll enjoy this room too!

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