Update 3/26/20 – As of noon today, Pinellas County has closed all non-essential businesses.  Please follow our Facebook Page, as we will post updates there as soon as we are given the ok to reopen.

A Message about Coronavirus/COVID-19

As you may have heard, COVID-19 (or coronavirus), has become a more widespread concern. We want you to know that our team at Mind Trapped Escape Room shares the same concerns and are committed to ensuring our staff and patrons are taking preventative measures, including those that have been detailed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

We have always maintained high standards in escape game maintenance with regular cleaning and sanitizing and will continue to do so. Here are some of the protocols that are set in place:

  1. Private games: We have always offered Private Room and we are still committed to ensuring that only parties booked together for the event are present in the escape game. We do not allow public bookings or merge groups together to fill game capacity. Rest assured that if you reserve an escape game with us, it will only be you and your party in the room.
  2. No in-game actors: We have no live actors that are in game with our patrons. All game hosts and event staff monitor games closely and deliver hints via in game communication devices. It will always just be you and your party in the escape game during the standard event.
  3. Hygiene: All guests and staff have access to handwashing facilities with soap and paper towels before and after the escape games, as well as hand sanitizer. We also have disposable gloves available upon request.
  4. Room reset: Along with full room inspection and reset after each game, we sanitize surfaces, props, and frequently handled objects such as locks and door knobs after every group. We utilize single use disinfectant wipes that are thrown away after each reset.  We also spray rooms and surfaces with Lysol Disinfectant spray.
  5. Frequent cleaning cycle: In addition to cleaning the escape games after each group, we have beginning of day and end of day cleaning cycles for deep cleaning of all rooms and common areas.
  6. Staff communication: We are in frequent communication with members of our team to ensure quick response to situations and further clarification of cleaning standards and updates.

Mind Trapped Escape Room maintains a high level of commitment to our staff, patrons, and the larger community. We will continue to monitor reputable informational sources such as the CDC and World Health Organization (WHO) websites for any updates.