Christmas High Jinks

2-4 Players

60 minutes

Difficulty: 3/5

We know that history sometimes repeats itself and this Christmas is no different. The NEA strikes again! This time, the Naughty Elf Association has taken their pranks too far. They have tricked Mindy, Santa’s head elf, into following their crazy Christmas high jinks scheme. Mindy is Santa’s right hand and without her, Christmas may never be the same!!

The NEA has left a web of puzzles and Santa is stumped! But he has a feeling he knows who is behind it. Jingle & Jangle, the NEA’s top mischief producers. He just doesn’t have time for these elf’n shenanigans! If you find Jingle & Jangle, you’ll probably find Mindy too. There is no time for delays, Christmas can’t be late!

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